Boyd Letter

Robert Boyd Non-Executive Director & Principal St George's Medical School

Professor Robert Boyd at the time of my internal NHS disciplinary hearing was a non-executive member of the Board of St George's Healthcare NHS Trust and also the Principal of the St George's Hospital Medical School.  As Professor Boyd and I had been members of St George's board for as long as Professor Boyd had been associated with St George's, I thought when the Trust made their unfair allegations against me, that it would be appropriate for me to approach him, to ask if he would make a statement on my behalf, that would have helped me refute the Trust's case.  It was not easy to contact Professor Boyd and I had to make several calls to his secretary before he finally contacted me.  Because of his position, I assumed that Professor Boyd would have acted with integrity and I explained to him the position I was in and how if he were prepared to make a statement about how I had contributed to the Board over the past few years and that there had been no complaints about me, that this would have been of great help  to me.  We spoke on a Saturday and Professor Boyd said he sympathised with my position and that he would consider my request over the weekend and let me know.  A couple of days later I received a letter from Professor Boyd telling me, that with regret he would not be able to accede to my request to provide a statement.  Later I found out, that when I had been trying to contact Professor Boyd, Catherine Mcloughlin, using the information about which witnesses I was going to contact, which I  had under the terms of my suspension been required to supply to Colin Watts the Trust Director of Human Resources, been to see Professor Boyd's secretary and had quite against all the Trust procedures, as she was later to act as a so called "independent chairman" of my NHS disciplinary hearing, told Professor Boyd's secretary that it was important that she spoke to Professor Boyd before he spoke to me.

I make no comment about Professor Boyds personal integrity in this matter and have no idea of what Miss McLoughin and Professor Boyd discussed, but I simply point out in the interests of fairness, that this is a conversation that should never have taken place and does neither of the parties who were involved in it any credit at all.  

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