Biography of Ian Perkin

A former Grammar School Boy Ian Perkin started his career in public sector finance back in 1969 when he worked in local government.  He was employed by a number of local authorities, working at increasing senior levels within their finance departments and qualified as an accountant with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy in 1976.

In 1986 Ian moved to work in the NHS which led to him being appointed in 1991 as Finance Director of St George’s Teaching Hospital one of the largest NHS organisations in the United Kingdom and during his time at St George’s, as Finance Director he was additionally asked to take on the responsibility for the Procurement, Legal Services, Information and Computing functions.

In 2002 just months after “blowing the whistle” on the inappropriate alteration of cancelled operations statistics and just weeks after he told St George’s auditors that the hospital was heading for a major overspend, he was dismissed from his employment completely contrary to NHS accepted employment practices, on the grounds that he had a difficult personality and was not a corporate team player, despite the fact that in all years working for the NHS no formal complaint about him had ever been made.

Ian was able thanks to insurance and Trade Union backing able to take the NHS to an Employment Tribunal and was successful in proving that despite NHS dentials made under oath, he had indeed been subjected to an unfair dismissal procedure by the NHS and had also made a Protected Disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.  

In 2005 Ian was appointed as Treasurer and Chief Finance Officer of Surrey Police Authority, a post he held until the abolition of the Police Authorities in November 2012, and since this time he has held the statutory position of Treasurer and Chief Finance Officer for the Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner Kevin Hurley.

In addition to his position at Surrey, Ian after serving on the Council of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy  for many years, was in 2011 elected by his fellow accountants to become the Institutes Honorary Treasurer  a position he continues to hold to this day.

As a proven NHS whistle-blower, Ian has featured prominently in the press and TV on this

subject having been featured on the BBC Hard Talk programme and the Panorama

programme 'Fiddling the figures' amongst others.

Ian also campaigns to ensure that the long term elderly will get their entitlement to free

NHS continuing care and helped BBC Panorama make the programme 'The National Homes


In addition to his public sector activities Ian has private sector experience and was

Chairman of Wimbledon Speedway PLC for five years between 2002 and 2006 and it was under his Chairmanship that the club staged an Under 21 Test Match between Great Britain and Sweden which was broadcast live on Sky Sports 1