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Latest News (updated 28/07/2014)

Read why I felt I had to resign my post of Honorary Treasurer at the 2014 AGM of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy by Clicking Here  

 The charity Compassion In Care recently published “Breaking the Silence 2” covering the experiences of a number of whistle-blowers.  Pages  54 to 115 cover my case and you can read about those individuals, who still today hold senior positions within the NHS, despite their questionable actions in my case being a matter of public record. You can read the publication by Clicking Here.

Read Andrew Hiltons Daily Mail Blog where he describes the impact he feels my case had on the recent Care Quality Commission debacle which affected Kay Sheldon by Clicking Here

Dame Janet Smith when commenting on the wider significance of "whistle-blowing" in her report on the Shipman case said that barriers to whistle-blowers included, " the fear of being seen a troublemaker or "maverick", the fear of recriminations and a feeling of impotence grounded in the belief that, even if the report is made, nothing will be done about it". I would ask readers of this website to bear this important comment in mind when considering exactly what happened to me.

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Besides whistle-blowing I have also been a member of a group of individuals (www.nhscare.info),  who inspired by Pam Coughlan have helped a number of the elderly ill to get their entitlement to free NHS Continuing Care when the NHS has told them they are not entitled to free care.  I helped BBC Panorama make the programme the National Homes Swindle - The Growing Scandal  and my interview with Panorama’s Vivienne  White can be viewed by clicking here. Because of my success in ensuring that the NHS obeyed the law and gave an extremely ill member of my close family the free NHS care to which she was entitled, despite having many times unlawfully classified her as only needing social care, Panorama gave me a page on their website to help inform on how it can be achieved and you can click here to access it

If you need to contact me regarding my interests in whistle-blowing or the entitlements of the elderly to free NHS continuing care please e-mail  me  at ianperkin@blueyonder.co.uk